Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bring Compassion Into Your Life With Simple Choices

You are born with compassion.

You wake up with it every morning. 

You simply need to remember to incorporate it into the little choices you make every day.  In doing so, you can bring it to life.  

In every choice that you make, you can either rely on the programing that your primordial ancestors endowed us with [see amygdala below], or you can rise above and personally evolve by making the right choices.  

Remember, life is lived in the little choices we make.  Not in the earth shattering decisions we see in the movies.

The next time a car cuts you off, don't raise a finger, simply smile.  The next time an co-worker puts you down, don't raise your voice, simply stick to the facts.  Remember, you are traveling on a speck of dust, spinning through the Universe at more than 66,660 miles and hour.    No matter how great a slight, it is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.  But the small choices you make are not.  

So choose the path of compassion you were born with.

simple truth
jeffrey cannon

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