Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time, Cost & Quality

I have told my clients for years there are three legs to any project; time, cost and quality.  The trick is you can only have two of the legs.  You can have a finished project that is inexpensive but it will either take longer to complete or the quality will suffer.  You can have one that is of very high quality, but it will either be more expensive or will take more time.  Or, you can have a project that is quickly completed, but it will either cost more to rush it or the quality will suffer.  People understand this for  the most part.  there is always a trade-off.  But knowing how to balance these three elements to a project enables them to make the best decision for their needs.

In many ways, the same is true for self discovery.  If you want to learn about yourself, there are many different ways to go about it.  Some are based in religion.  Some in philosophy.  Some in therapy and science.  Each can be right for different people.  Yet no matter how you approach your own self-discovery, the same rules apply.  To find out who you truly are takes time.  It often has a cost attached to it.  And the quality of the outcome, your ability to make real change, is dependent upon th equality of your self examination.

For me, the quality is the one factor that cannot be sacrificed.  It is the most important factor that you should never be willing to settle on.  

So when you're starting down your path, or even taking a look back to see where you have been or where you are going - make sure the quality of your self-discovery is the best possible.  The rest is for you to decide how important time and cost are to you becoming YOU.

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