Monday, May 2, 2011

A Time for Compassion

Now is the time to be good winners, if we want to change the world.

Remember the lesson we learned as children about being a good sport?  Part of it was learning to be a good loser.  But the larger part was learning to be a good winner.  There has never been more of a need for that right  now.  Being a poor winner angers those who have lost.  It spurs them on to try even harder to unseat whoever on top.  It also prolongs the cycle of competition - a cycle that is inherent to our very nature.  

To break that cycle is to break the habits that our 40,000 year old programming pushes us to follow.  To break that cycle is to be humble while winning, and ask for reconciliation.

It is time for us, as a nation, to play this part on the world stage.  As much as we want to scream and shout and throw our triumph into the world, we need to refrain.  We need tor each out with a quiet smile and ask, "where can we go from here?"  

If we want to end the cycle of hate, of war, and of fear that has presided over this world for a millennia, every one of us needs to take a few deep breaths and think before we act.  We have already sent one message.  Now is the time to send another and set us on a positive track well into the future.  

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